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Thomas Graham Library Hub

As you may know, we in the villages of Strathblane, Blanefield and Mugdock are very fortunate to have received a donation from Angus Graham of £500,000 towards the building of a new library. The existing library has a very limited life and Stirling Council has no plans to replace it. 

Nowadays, libraries are not just about books and reading: they are places to learn, play, work, research, socialise, code, make things, obtain advice and improve well-being. In fact, they are often called community hubs.

Strathblane Community Development Trust has been given responsibility for taking this once-in-a-lifetime project forward. Three initial stages are planned in sequence:

1.    Establishing support from residents and organisations in the villages for a new library hub

2.    If there is general support, ask where it should be and what it should offer - this is the stage we are at.
3.    Display plans and confirm residents’ and organisations’ support.

At this time, we are asking you to help us with the first stage by letting us know if you support, are uncertain, or indeed disagree with the proposal to create a new library hub in the village.  

You can help us:

Put stickers on the boards that will be in the Library, Café Wilson's, the Co-op, the Kirkhouse Inn, and the GP surgery.

Send a photo of your group or organisation showing thumbs up (support), thumbs down (rejection), thumbs sideways (unsure) to or post in the letterbox in the Village Club 20-22 Glasgow Road, Blanefield G63 9BP.  (All those in photos must consent.)

•  Send "likes", email messages, etc) to:           or email:


Better still, provide your feedback here

We hope you are excited about the potential this project brings to our villages, but we need to know that you support the idea before we can proceed.  Thank you!


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